Re-inspection Policy Changes


As of September 16th, 2019, we will make the following changes to our re-inspection policy:

  • Re-inspections must be scheduled by either, the client who scheduled the original inspection, or by their agent on their behalf.
  • Re-inspections must be paid for at the time of scheduling, or 48 hours before the re-inspection takes place. We will email the client a payment reminder 3 days before the re-inspection. If it is not paid 48 hours before the re-inspection, we will contact the client by phone. If we do not receive payment after these attempts, the re-inspection will be canceled. A canceled re-inspection can be re-scheduled at the original time slot if available.
  • The inspection response list, or list of items to be re-inspected, must be provided before the re-inspection can be scheduled and priced. We will reserve the date and time for 24 hours, until we receive the list.
  • As was always our policy, though not strictly enforced, all re-inspections are limited to 15 items or less at the cost of $190.00. Only items from our original report will be re-inspected.
  • Re-inspections with 16-30 items will cost $380.00.
  • We will not schedule re-inspections of 31 items or more. A regular home inspection is often more cost-effective and efficient.

If you have any questions you may email me at: